Paulo Umetsu

People make up their minds very quickly when they meet someone new. Science calls this physiognomy, or reading a person’s personality traits from their appearance. This can be applied to visual media, including websites.....

Web development

What we offer
We specializes in building high quality websites that focus on meeting a client’s business objectives.

We specializes in building high quality websites that focus on meeting a client’s business objectives. We follow the System Development Life Cycle and each step is closely monitored by us and our client to ensure the project will be delivered as expected with high standard in a best time possible.

Using the methodology and applying business acumen with creative thinking creates compelling sites. The creative aspect of the website is something that is woven into the process. The look and feel of the site are brand driven and should complement other aspects of the clients overall communication strategy.

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  • Web Design

    A picture is worth a thousand words

  • Strategy

    Strategies to Build the Perfect Website

  • Function

    Does your site meet your customers' need?

  • Training

    If you need want to learn how to make a website, please contact us.

The Process

These are the 8 phases in building the optimal website

Information Gathering

Having a clear understanding what the website will delivering the business goals.

Information Architecture

Defining the target audience, the website structure and the techniques to deliver business goals.


Identifying the key information that needs to be conveyed is important. Equally important is how the information is organized and accessed.


This is where the visual language is developed. Images, colours and layouts come together to create visual impact and convey the brand identity.


That is when the website comes to life. The design and functionality are translated into code to create the perfect interface with browsers.


The deployment is done when all back and front end functions are fully tested and the code is pushed to the production server.


All user and technical documentation need to be provided before the training. For big projects we may need different training for each user profile.


A website is a living medium. In attracting new business and maintaining relationships with existing clients the website needs constant change and improvement.

The people

Our team combines strategic, creative, technical and marketing talents
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Paulo Umetsu

Leader Developer
I’ve been working with web development since 1998. Significant experience in front and back end development and project management.
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Luiz Cavalieri

Project Manager / Marketing
I have worked in both PM and Marketing fields modelling and managing projects of process’ automation for more than 12 years.
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Viviane Miam

Developer | Business Analyst | Systems Analyst | Project Manager
I am a mature and responsible professional with 10 years’ proven experience as a Business Analyst and Project Manager.
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Helton Falusi

Managing Partner
Helton is the owner of a successful company HTCWEB with partners in Latin America and the USA.
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James Vosper

Business Development Director
Specialties: Management, Business Strategy and Development, Marketing, Brand Development, Marcomms, Sales, Staff Training and Public Speaking.
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Catherine Cowan

Marketing Director
I have been directing digital strategies across Australia and Asia since 2000. Specialised in digital media sales and customer acquisition across B2C and B2B.
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Luke Wightley

Financial Director
Luke is a sales and marketing powerhouse, he reads his audience, relates to and engages with them. A truly skillful negotiator and a no nonsense motivator.

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